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We’ve been collecting used cooking oil (UCO) since 2006 and are a Government approved and certified collector. We are legally licensed to collect, transport, dispose of and recycle any used cooking oil & fats. We buy used cooking oil and then recycle it into Green Energy as part of our environmental commitment to help safeguard the planet and its resources.

Our Services

Used Cooking Oil Collection

We offer a comprehensive range of vehicles collecting Used Cooking Oil across Scotland and the North of England. With a wealth of experience, our team is capable of collecting your UCO in a safe and efficient manner, complying fully with environmental legislation.

UCO Lorry

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Launched in June 2018, our brand new Used Cooking Oil Recycling Plant allows us to recycle any UCO on site at our Gateshead depot. The processed UCO is then used either to generate electricity or to process into bio diesel.

UCO Recycling Plant

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UCO Fatboxx

Why We Care

We are always looking for cleaner and greener ways of working, improving our environmental credentials and helping to safeguard the planet in the process.